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EcoView Wallcovering from Vycon®


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30% Post-Consumer Recycled Content

EcoView™, developed as a sustainable solution for the contract market and first introduced to Vycon in 2007, continues to evolve. EcoView is no longer simply an attractive option for patterns on an alternative substrate. Truly a new direction for Vycon, EcoView will brand and encompass all of Vycon’s future natural, sustainable fiber products.

EcoView will offer new finishes, designs and materials for the contract market, all varied with one mission: Innovative design with the highest post-consumer content in the industry.
LEED® Credits: Vycon is dedicated to providing specifiers with smart environmental solutions without sacrificing durability and performance. EcoView wallcoverings meet G.S.A. Federal Specification CCC-W-408D as well as support environmental initiatives for Type II wallcoverings.

EcoView wallcoverings can contribute to:

  • LEED MR 4.1 point for recycled content, 10% (post-consumer +1/2 pre-consumer).
  • LEED MR 4.2 points for recycled content, 20% (post-consumer +1/2 pre-consumer).
  • LEED MR 5.1 point for regional materials, 20% manufactured regionally.
  • LEED MR 7 point for certified wood.
  • LEED EQ 4.1 point for low-emitting materials, adhesives and sealants, if used with low VOC* adhesives  (*Volatile Organic Compounds)

California Section 01350: EcoView wallcoverings are low in VOCs and meet California Section 01350 IAQ requirements for wallcovering. Developed by the State of California to cover key environmental performance issues in the selection of building materials, Section 01350 screens building materials based on emissions testing protocol, hazardous content screening, and avoiding mold and mildew from construction practices.

California Section 01350 has the most transparent requirements in the industry and is integrated into other broader specification programs: Indoor Advantage, Green Label Plus, Green Guide for Healthcare, Collaborative for High Performance Schools, and Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability.

Physical Properties

U.S. Units

Total Weight: 11.2 oz/lin yd
Break Strength: 102 x 80 (warp x fill) lb/sq in
Tear Strength: 50 x 45 (warp x fill) Elmendorf unit
Backing: Osnaburg

Metric Units

Total Weight: 254.3 g/sq. meter
Break Strength: 13.4 x 5.6 kg/cm2
Tear Strength: 50 x 45 (warp x fill) Elmendorf unit
Backing: Osnaburg

For more detailed specifications, please download the EcoView specification sheet (PDF).

Contact your Vycon® distributor for samples and customs.


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